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Go Dog toys are fun tough dog dogs developed in Colorado. If dogs know how to play and have fun then the Go Dog plus toy is their perfect companion. The Go Dog toys incorporate Chew Guard Technology, a special manufacturing process that adds a super tough and durable lining to soft plush toys and beds. Worldwise, the American company behind Go Dog, combine this high-tech lining with reinforced seams to make the toys withstand rough play and tough treatment. As well as being remarkably tough and functional, these toys are also eye-catching as they come in a range of cute animal shapes, including flying pig, elephant, kangaroo, donkey, fat rooster and skinny rooster.” 

 Lauren Langman, breeder and head dog training instructor at Devon Dogs, has tried the range of toys and given it the thumbs up.
“These are some of the most fun toys I have seen,” says Lauren. “As a breeder, my dogs know how to play rough and the Go Dog toys can stand the test of play and training. I would recommend them if you are looking for a tough toy that will last.” 

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